Synthetic Oil Change

Extend engine life with our high-quality synthetic oil. Smooth performance and better fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

Battery Replacement

Get back on the road with a new, reliable battery. Quick service to keep you moving.

L.E.D Lighting Kits

Upgrade to brighter and energy-efficient LED lighting. Enhance visibility and style.

Brake Service

Ensure safe stops with our professional brake inspection and repair. Your safety is our priority.

Engine Tune-up

Optimize engine performance with our thorough tune-up service. Drive smoothly and efficiently.


Maintain a comfortable ride with our suspension services. Improved handling and stability.

Detailing Packages

Revive your car’s appearance with our comprehensive detailing packages. Showroom-ready results.

Window Tinting

Enhance privacy and protect against UV rays with our expert window tinting.

Custom Vinyl Wraps

Transform your vehicle’s look with custom vinyl wraps. Stand out with unique designs.

Fleet Mantainence Plans

Ensure your business’s fleet is always road-ready with our tailored maintenance program. Expert mechanics, top-quality parts, and streamlined services for maximum efficiency.


Safety First: Our Commitment to Your Security

At Valet Auto Services, your safety is paramount. We prioritize thorough inspections and follow stringent safety protocols to ensure your vehicle’s reliability. With top-quality parts and expert mechanics, rest assured that your car is in safe hands. Experience peace of mind on every journey with our steadfast commitment to your security. 

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